What the Parents are Saying

“I feel so fortunate to have had all three of my children attend preschool here. It has been an experience that I truly treasure. Like every mom, I just do not want it to end!”

“Not only has St. Peter’s Preschool been a safe and loving environment for my children but for me as well. Along the years I have always had the strength and support of teachers and other parents to get advice, share concerns, talk and laugh with. I really appreciate having that one place that actually reduced my stress.”

“Although graduation was an emotional time for Mommy and Daddy, all three of our children left St. Peter’s ready for kindergarten – with the academic skills they would need, a love of learning, and the confidence to welcome new challenges with enthusiasm.

“Our years here were truly a gift – one that we will always cherish and remember with the fondest of memories. Thank you again for providing a special place in this fast-paced world where our kids could just enjoy being kids. The location and setting are charming, and the staff at St. Peter’s provided a welcoming environment and individual attention that was simply wonderful.”

         – Preschool parents Cynthia and Mike Hires